The Signable API uses a standard set of terminology to make it easier to develop against. The terminology is listed below.

Word Meaning
Envelope  A set of documents or templates which is to be sent out. Like a physical envelope.
Document  A PDF or Word document that could contain Tags which is part of an envelope.
Template  A document you have already uploaded into Signable and set the fields from within your account.
Party  A person who is participating in the signing of the envelope.
Contact  Someone you would want to send an envelope to sign.
User  Someone that you have granted access to your Signable account.
Fingerprint  A unique string of 32 characters.
ID  A  unique identification number.
Tag Bits of text which you add to your document to indicate where you want our Fields to go.
Field Can either be a signature, date, text or checkbox field. These are added onto the document to allow Parties to fill in.