API Endpoints

All API URLs listed in this documentation are relative to https://api.signable.co.uk/v1/. For example, the /users API call is reachable at https://api.signable.co.uk/v1/users.


Our API is a RESTful API. It uses the following HTTP Methods to perform different actions.

HTTP Method Action
GET Retrieves either a single record or a list of records
POST Creates a new record
PUT Updates a single record
DELETE Deletes a single record

HTTP codes

HTTP Status Codes Meaning
404 Either the single record you are trying to retrieve is missing or you are trying to call an invalid function
400 You haven’t sent us the correct information, more details will be shown in the error itself
401 You aren’t logged in to the API
403 You don’t have permission to access this function
200 The call is successful
202 The call is successful however we are still processing it

Passing request data

Request data is passed to us via a JSON object string either via POST or PUT depending on the call. Each function will tell you what parameters are needed.

Output formats

We currently support XML and JSON as output formats. By default it will be JSON however if you want the output in XML please affix .xml to the end of the URL, for example:





All calls must be passed to us via HTTPS. All HTTP calls will be ignored.

Rate limiting

Your requests will be rate limited to 5 requests per second per IP. This limit is in place to protect the API and other users from potential abusive behaviour.

Questions or problems?

If you are having problems with our API or if you have any questions please get in touch via our Help Centre.