The Signable API can be run in two different modes, ‘test’ and ‘live’. Usually you would use the ‘test’ mode when you are developing your integration and want to be sure that whilst your testing, you won’t impact your actual account. You are also able to add test keys without having an account on a plan which has API access.

The main difference is that test is a read-only version of the API

All the normal GET calls will return correct information in both test and live. This information is up to date and is identical in both ‘test’ and ‘live’ mode.

This read-only version means that POST, PUT and DELETE (Add, update and delete) calls don’t actually perform the required action however they return the response as if they had done. This means that you can test the response exactly as you would get it when in live mode without the fear that you are adding or deleting valuable information.

You can easily tell if the call was done in ‘test’ mode because there will be a ‘test’ variable sent in the response which would be set to true.

Access to the ‘live’ mode

Even though you can access the test version of the API without being on a valid monthly plan, your account must be upgraded to a plan that supports the API to create a ‘live’ key. Our plans are available here.